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The main darknet site for today Kraken Onion

Any project that has reached great heights in its niche has a unique history of its appearance. The KRAKEN platform also has its own history, although it is strongly connected with another well-known site called Hydra. We'll tell you why the KRAKEN website is so special, when and how it appeared

All about the KRAKEN website and the history of kraken3

The KRAKEN website is a top darknet platform on which thousands of new users, both future buyers and sellers, register every day without exception. At the same time, the site itself was born at the beginning of 2023, that is, today it is only about 7-8 months old, and it is already the main darknet market. How did he do it? As mentioned above, the KRAKEN site is largely related to another top dark web store - Hydra. Three-Headed, as Hydra is also called, ceased to exist in 2022 year, sanctions were imposed on it, all servers based in Europe were arrested and the site simply disappeared. But everyone understood perfectly well that sooner or later Hydra would be reborn into something new. This is what happened when KRAKEN appeared, all services from Hydra switched to kraken3. Although the resource administration does not comment on rumors about this, everyone has guessed who the KRAKEN really is.